Izzy (Amali)

Izzy, our youngest bitch in the house, is a healthy, stable dog with a good condition. She is a daughter of Kya of Aemburen and Mafinga Dhunduru. We are very pleased with the breeders which have made  this ‘match’ possible. Izzy has inherited all the positive characteristics of her parents.  As a puppy she already was easygoing and would like to do things with the boss. She is sweet, open, cheerful, quirky,  sensitive, has a tidy nature and brings the Sunshine in a house. Our aim is that these characteristics are passed on to a next generation.  Therefore we are planning a litter with Izzy. Because we wanted to plan a litter, we had to walk some shows. Without experience we got in the show ring. Izzy’s results have been excellent. The boss is not really made for this (show) sport, unlike Izzy. She is doing well.

Specs Izzy (Amali)

female (01-07-2012)

height 65cm

weight 35kg

ED, HD and DM free

Izzy Pedigree

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