About us

We are Suzanne and René and live with our three dogs: Queie, PJ and Izzy in the Netherlands, Albergen. Our dogs have an open, friendly characters and want to work for the boss. You can describe them as sweet, social, cheerful and energetic. They go with us on holidays, enjoy attention but also easily can stay home alone. At home they are lazy,  characteristic for the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Our first dog was Maxx, a Rottweiler. A stable, confident, social male who still has a special place in our hearts. He brought us lots of joy. When Maxx became two years old Queie came in our lives, unexpected. A heavily neglected dog that needed a good home. By the arrival of Queie, a hobby has been added: Observing and studying dog behavior. We where confident to give Queie a second chance in live. She has evolved as a confident, social dog that has got her trust back in humans.

When Maxx died, Queie missed a ‘ buddy ‘. We always  found the Rhodesian Ridgbeack (RR) an impressive breed because of his dignified expression and athletic build. After studying the breed in 2011, PJ, our first RR male, came in our lives. He turned  our lives upside down. PJ was a dynamic, cheerful, happy, funny puppy. However, PJ was far too busy for an old dog like Queie. Queie found PJ great but could simply not ‘ keep up with him’. She had to be relieved. That was clear. We had to find a buddy for PJ.The choice was simple. It had to be another RR.

In september 2012 Izzy came to our Pack. We don’t regret that choice. Izzy has become a healthy, sensitive, playful, sweet, balanced ‘Lady ‘.  We have come tot the conclusion that she is a worthy Rhodesian Ridgeback. She represents the breed so well. Thats why we are planning a litter. We will be looking carefully for a suitable and genetic ‘match’. All in the spirit to honor the breed.