PJ (Harvey)

When purchasing our first Rhodesian Ridgeback, PJ, we were looking at other things as later with Izzy.  At young age PJ was diagnosed with epilepsy. A shock and that put our lives upside down. We have studied nutrition,  genetics, looked at hompeopathy etc. A long search for suitable specialists and appropriate medication has led that PJ now has a quality of live and still has a worthy existence. 

PJ is a real softy. He is sweet, social and likes to play with other dogs. Therefor we have decided to find a mate for PJ. Our Queie is getting older. Izzy’s coming was an addition to the pack.

Specs PJ

castreted male (09-07-2011)

height 67cm

weight 40kg

PJ Pedigree

20-4 Izzy DSC08483_15